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Magic Mart Nepal is a premium online shopping website. We sell ORIGINAL, AUTHORIZED, AND PREMIUM products ONLY! Quality is the norm. Magic Mart is a 1 year old start up, with a team of 4. We will try our very best to solve any problem/issue you may face with your order/purchase. We want to build a trustworthy and exclusive online shopping portal built and dreamt in Nepal.

In accordance to the refund and return policies of our vendors, sellers, brands, and companies, Magic Mart Nepal has set a refund and return period of 7 Days from date of order. (i.e. Order places on 1st Jan will have return window of 7 days till 11.59 PM 7th Jan). You can file your return/refund request by calling us or messaging us on +977-9808501651.
On certain products, return window extends up to 14 days. Again, We will try our very best to solve any and every issue unanimously.
Return and Refund will be at No-Additional-Cost to you (customer) for products weighing below 50 kg*. Our delivery personnel will come and collect the product at time and date of your choosing within our return window.

Points to be noted while returning products

1) The item/product should be unused/unwashed/untampered and with no defects at all. We do a Quality Check at time of dispatch from our warehouse.
2) The item should incorporate the first labels, stickers, packaging, manual, guarantee/warranty cards, gifts, and accessories that accompany the product. Incase of groceries, If found to be expired, We will refund/return the product. Packaging of electronics should not be opened if customer is choosing to ask for refund. Any manufacture defect of electronics/appliance will be manually verified by our team.
Bill must be presented at time of return.
3) On large appliances/furniture/products weighing more than 50 kg, Additional Refund/Return Pick Up charge of NRS.500 will be levied upon customer if customer dislikes/wants to change product with no manufacture defect/problem.

NOTE: It would awesome if you could call us on +977-9808501651 or email us on along with your order number.

Returns Pick-Up and Processing 

For returns, the address can only be changed if the pick up service is available at the new address. 

During pick-up, your product will be checked for the following conditions: 


Condition - Correct Product 

                   Product name/IMEI/ image/ brand/ serial number/ article number/ bar code should match and MRP tag should be                             undetached and clearly visible. 

Complete Product 

                 -  All in-the-box accessories (like remote control, Accessories/ its parts eg: lid or covers, sponge etc/starter kits,                                  instruction manuals, chargers, headphones, etc.), freebies and combos (if any) should be present. 

                    Unused Product 

The product should be unused, unwashed, unsoiled, without any stains and with non-tampered quality check seals/return tags/warranty seals (wherever applicable). Before returning a Mobile/ Laptop/ Tablet, the device should be formatted and Screen Lock (Pin, Pattern or Fingerprint) must be disabled. iCloud lock must be disabled for Apple devices. 

Undamaged Product 

No any physical damage/ no any physical deformation of the product/ there should not be scratches/ the perishable goods should not be damaged/ no any tears or holes in any kind of fabric materials/ no any crack is breakage in any glassware and transparent plastic materials or PVA plastic/ no any wires disconnections/ the electronic product should be functioning. 

Undamaged Packaging 

Product's original packaging/ box should be undamaged/the cover should not be tore/ the labelling and price tags should remain as it was before. 


Product should be returned with VAT/ PAN bill if provided by the vendor. 


Tel. +977-9808501651
Fax. +977-14422428


Krishna Mandir, Chandol
Kathmandu, Nepal
Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur




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